~*Day 4*~


I wake slowly, like I’m rising from the depths of a lake. When my eyes finally open and I finally get the energy to get up I’m greeted by Alvii, waiting patiently for me. “D-Did you sleep well? I-I could hear you tossing and turning.”

“I slept fine, but being home will do wonders for me.” It nods and looks at me expectantly “What?”

“S-Shall we get going?” I stretch and sigh.

“Yeah, just hold on.” I go to my pack, my food is gone so instead I pack my bed roll and tent up. Shouldering the pack and this time not handing it over to Alvii. It follows behind me like a puppy, an odd mood shift from the seriousness. “Are you feeling alright?”

“I-Internal diagnostics show that I am functional.” Alvii doesn’t mention the leaks or memory lapses from yesterday, I store away this information for later. We stand on the swollen banks of the river, filling with melt water slowly as spring comes.

“Alright, ready Alvii?” I look back and see Alvii standing far from the water “What’s wrong?”

“I-I do not know if I am water proof.” I stare at him.

“Alvii, we’ve established that, you are at least water proof.” Its eyes leave the water and lock with mine, the orange and blue staring at me intently.

“A-Are you sure?”

“Yeah, come on. It’ll be fine.” Alvii nods and follows me as I head to the rocks peeking out of the water. Carefully I cross then Alvii crosses, its footsteps are hesitant and finally it reaches the other side. “What’s wrong Alvii? I can’t believe you don’t remember crossing this before.”

“W-We have crossed before?” I stare.

“Yeah, I mean it was a while ago but we did cross it to get to the barrens.”

“B-Barrens?” I blink, dumbfounded.

“Let’s go home Alvii.” It nods and I turn beginning to walk, I can hear it following me. What’s wrong with it? Why can’t it remember? I thought robots had excellent memory? My eyes widen in realization. “Alvii-” I spin around “Run an internal diagnostic.” It cocks it head but I assume it does as I asked.

“O-Oil leak, malfunctioning wire, coolant leak.” It rattles off. I nod.

“Let’s get you home, we’ll get you fixed up and returned to normal.” It gives me a nod and I hurry us along, hoping that we are closer to home then I recall us being.


The life form keeps asking what is wrong, nothing is wrong. I am functional. I follow her, but I do not know her, and yet I do. What is her name? Where is this home she speaks off? The rushing water is behind us, she said I was water proof, how does she know? I follow her. She walks quickly though I have the feeling I could easily over take her if I needed too. My oil is leaking out, the leak is growing. My coolant is leaking, my joints are rubbing and burning. The wires are not right, makes thinking and remembering hard… Did she do this too me? Would she offer to fix me if she had?

My knee locks, no oil, too hot. She does not notice. I attempt to get her attention but I can make no noise. My other joints begin to lock rendering me immobile, locking me mid-step in place. Everything turns gray, then white, then black. I cannot get-