This stepped away from Hera and focused more on Alvii, if I had followed by outline the title would’ve made more sense. Sorry about that.




We walk for a while, the trees rustle and the snow that is left crunches underfoot. I don’t know when but at some point I stop hearing Alvii’s footsteps; looking back it is nowhere to be found. “Shit. Alvii!” I run down the path following my own footprints for quite a way before finding it, frozen in place, eyes off. “Alvii? Alvii!” I grab its arm “Come on, we’re almost home! Alvii!” There isn’t a reaction, and I curse silently and turn running back the way I came. I keep running, at some point abandoning my pack to lighten myself. Finally I see the village, less then a hundred yards away, I close in on it fast. “HEY!” Some people look over at me, a few of the warriors grab their spears ready to defend the village if something is following me. I slide to a stop, panting I manage to speak “Alvii. Shut down. Need your help. Please.” They exchange looks but don’t move. “I need your help, please.”

“Get the chief.” One murmurs, I want to punch their lights out. No one does anything with Diomedes there. Makes me wonder how some even have kids. I straighten and catch my breath as the chief appears with the man that summoned him.

“Hera, you’re back. Wheres the machine?”

“I need your help.” I don’t have time for this. “Alvii needs repairs. Now.”

“And why-”

“Get your head out of your ass! ALVII NEEDS HELP!” I scream, the chief blinks stunned I’m sure. “All you do is worry about your people but guess what. It wasn’t you that ventured out to stop the end times it was me and it was Alvii! You owe us this.”

“Bring it here.” Diomedes mumbles, his warriors do a double take.

“What? But-”

“Do it! Hera is right. Go get it and we’ll see what we can do for it.” They nod and push passed me.


“Shut it. You are allowed this one grace.” He turns and leaves, I follow the warriors and show them to where Alvii is. Between the six of them we are able to carry the lifeless machine back to the village, grabbing my pack on the way. Alvii’s joints are locked and he looks some bizarre statue trapped forever in mid-step.

“What happened to it?” I look at the ground.

“I accidentally shot it in the back.” I mumble and some of them laugh while others shake their heads.

“Well, you really messed him up.” One says looking at the hole pierced in the back plate. “Get some supplies, and something to open this with. Maybe I can get it up and running again.” I nod and go off, I manage to find tape, tubing, oil, the coolant, wire, and a small screw driver. The plate comes off easily and his eyebrows arch. “Wow, Hera. You fucked up this thing.”

“I know I did.” I sigh,

“But it looks like you did a descent job putting it together again. How old is this thing?” He examines my work.

“I don’t know, I think it said first wave.” He nods silently and takes the tape from me. He tapes the wire connections then pulls apart the oil line. Some splashes out but other then that it is seemingly empty. He takes the oil and refills the line before pushing the oil line back together, bridging the gap with the smaller tube and tape; the coolant line is much the same. He tucks everything back in, puts the plate on and steps back.

“Well, I did what I could, but its old. It might not have the ability to come back.” I nod “How long did it take to awaken before?”

“A day and a half, I think.” He nods and walks away. “Is that it?”

“Yeah, all we can do now is wait.” My shoulders slump, the other warriors carry it out of the path and leave it looming over my hut, kind of creepy but I suppose if Alvii wakes up he’ll ask for me and I’ll be right there. I throw my pack inside and straighten up, with a sigh I look at Alvii.

“Guess I’ll just wait.” I smile at it “I hope you wake up… You better wake up.” Idle threats against a machine designed to kill… Yeah that’ll wake Alvii up. I turn and look at the village, it feels almost foreign to me now. Most don’t even look at me, and the ones that do aren’t looking at me but at Alvii. With a mental shrug and step away from my “door step” and into the population, I wander for a bit before finding myself before Pythia’s home. I go to enter but stop when I hear a baby cry. Silently I retract from the home and return to mine, going inside and lighting a lamp and putting away everything I brought with and laying on my bedroll. Maybe I’ll just sleep till Alvii wakes up. Yeah that sounds nice.