~*The Hunt*~


The snow crunches out of sync with my footsteps and I freeze, terrified to turn around. After several minutes of waiting for death I spin and aim my arrow, but nothing is there. The evergreen shakes and I can see two sets of footprints in the snow, one mine the other, I’m left to assume, is the Amazon’s; I wait another minute, giving it time to drop down from the tree and either kill me or flee, it doesn’t leave its hiding place and I walk back the way I came, following the secondary foot steps.

I hear it drop into the snow but the footsteps don’t come toward me, hesitantly I turn and look behind me, I can see it retreating through the trees. I turn and follow it, remaining silent while sure it knows I’m there. My heart thunders in my chest as I creep ever closer, the dense underbrush offers cover for the backward glances but still I know it knows I’m behind it, its obvious I’m no threat though. With a soft sigh I deviate from the path into the brush and carefully make my way around him and appear some way up the path, righting myself I look down the path, I can just barely make out the top of its head. With a firm nod I nock my arrow and pull the string back, my whole body is tense and ready when the machine walks around the corner. It freezes almost immediately, just staring at me, analyzing me.


I think I have escaped the life form till I round the corner in my path and see her before me, body tense, bow ready with a strong arrow aimed at me. I freeze and stand there staring at her, attempting to analyze her motive, I find no reason for her to be aiming for me and step forward. In a split second her fingers release the bow string and the arrow sores through the air, avoiding it is impossible, the barbed arrow head grazes my neck, slicing through the black tubing that creates my soft tissue, arteries, and tendons. Immediately the thin slice rips apart and the green-yellow coolant that courses through me erupts, dying the snow the same color. My hand comes up and presses on the wound, but the flow is unstoppable, the life form stares at me, shock in her wide eyes.

I use this time to rush passed her, she flinches and moves out of my way as I run passed her. Every alarm is going off in my head, loosing pressure, insufficient coolant levels, artery tear- they ring out as I run, fleeing from the life form still standing stock still behind me. The fluid dyes the snow in splotches as it leaks through my fingers but I have no time to cover my tracks, I need to repair myself.

My cave is dark and cool, shelves of parts, batteries, and adhesives line the back wall. I struggle to reach them, my eyes scan the labels and shelves furiously searching for patches, coolant, anything to stop the rushing liquid and alarms. But there is nothing. Nothing, I cannot find a single patch or a drop of the fluid I need. I sink into the corner and wait, surely the life form will come for me. I have out lived my date of usefulness, and this will be my end. I wish I could feel fear or sadness, perhaps that would allow me to understand why she attacked me.