A.N: The names in the center are points of view, only Over Seer is in third person

~*200 Years after the Calamity*~

Over Seer

Soaring over white poles and peaceful waters, catching the limitless rays of the yellow star so far away, this is the last Over Seer. It passively broadcasts orders provided to it by people who have never seen the planet below it, who have no interest in the on going war, have no interest in the fact that forty-thousand warrior drones lost their connection, and no interest in the recurring status updates that ring out the same good news every hour on the hour endlessly. They send orders and software updates when needed and wait for the day when the updates stop, signaling the end of the Over Seers and the start of something new on the planet’s surface below.


Pythia always keeps a warm home and always welcomes me in regardless of what our “great” chief and her husband Diomedes has to say about me and my ability- or lack there of- to work with he and his warriors. The fire snaps and cracks, the orange light fills the small hide hut with the wind howling outside, I sigh and she looks over at me, hazel eyes studying my face before she rolls her eyes and sighs. “What did he do now?”

“What?” I blink at her, she arches an eyebrow.

“Come now, Hera, I know you. What did Diomedes do this time?”

“Oh, that.” I huff and turn back to the fire “He told me a woman’s place is in the home.”

“I don’t think he meant in my home.” She points out lightly, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

“I don’t think so either, but here I am.” I flop back, my head just missing the small wooden stool by the low table.

“I should put you to work then.”

“Yes, you should.” Cold wind gusts in as the chief enters his home. “At least if you did she’d earn the right to eat what the hunters brought back.”

“You told me to stay here.” I point out, not bothering to look at him, I can feel his hate radiating off of him.

“I told you to go home! As in, stay OUT of MY house.” Pythia giggles, it does little to ease either of us.

“Well give me a job and I’ll do it.”

“I did give you a job. You didn’t do it, so why would I give you another one when I’m still waiting?” He pulls off his cloak and sits across from me, Pythia moves closer to him and he takes her hand in his. I want to gag like a little kid but the look of concern on Pythia’s face stops me.

“What job did you want done again?” I ask, attempting to sound genuine.

“Hunt down and kill that Amazon. It’ll kill us all.”

“Oh that’s right.” I yawn and lay on my side. “You see, problem is, I’m a woman. And you said that my place is in the home.”

“Your place is going to be in the underworld if you don’t-”

“Diomedes, don’t you dare finish that sentence.” Pythia cuts in, voice surprisingly harsh. “And Hera for shame. You came here instead of doing what was asked?”

“I don’t want to die, is all.” I would have shrugged but that would requite sitting up.

“Then be careful.” Pythia sighs, “Really, Hera. You can be a great hunter, you have incredible patience when you need to, and I know you have warm clothing.”

“I have all those things but your husband doesn’t seem to care.” I can feel Diomedes staring at me, but when I finally sit up his eyes are locked on Pythia, studying her closely, tracing over the lines of her profile and settling on her swollen stomach.

“Prove to me that you can do this task and I’ll let you on the hunt next time.” He speaks at long last and Pythia smiles. I groan and he looks over at me.


“When you choose to.” He sighs and pulls his wife closer, I don’t need to be told. I stand and she glances at me, I just give her a tired smile.

“I’ll be back.” I murmur, I grab my cloak and duck out into the cold wind. Snow crunches beneath my feet as I step through the village, I get friendly smiles and waves from people I know well while others turn their nose up at me. I step into my own small hut, cold and dead inside and I laugh to myself thinking about how much alike we are at that moment; I grab my bow and arrows and step into the wilderness, the wind suddenly my only companion as I tiptoe around the camp looking for our hunter.


They do not normally leave the village when the snow comes, they do not normally leave when I am near. I follow the life form closely, she does not know I am behind her, how could she? These life forms are not very perceiving. She keeps low, her bow ready with an arrow nocked. What does she search for? The others already brought food for the life forms, perhaps she has been tasked with getting more? She turns suddenly and I am happy that I have reflexes faster then she, I pull myself out of her line of sight hiding in the trees above. Her eyes flick around, no doubt noting my foot prints and she follows them, never once glancing up.

I drop down behind her soundlessly and walk off, I wish to avoid contact with the life forms. I do not want to cause them panic and fear with my presence. I assume that she will not follow me, they are not very smart for creatures that once ruled this world and will once again.