This world was never peaceful, but we did not help. Two centuries ago the Over Lords placed five Over Seers into high orbit around a small blue planet, it was unknown if the planet was populated; when it became clear that there was resilient life on its surface forty-thousand of my brethren were commissioned along with an unknown number of Cyclops and Triclop anti-tank units. The factory produced us so quickly it could not test stability, so forty-thousand unstable Amazon units were neatly packed away in Dragon’s teeth, along with the anti-tank units. The space flight took months but when the ships reached their destination the Dragon’s Teeth were dropped, plummeting to the surface of the blue planet, most of us opened upon impact but some remained closed.

We killed many, destroyed population centers, forced the ruling life forms into the country side where we could not easily hunt them down. The Over Seers broadcasted orders and updates for us while informing the Over Lords of our progress against the strong willed life forms. Eventually large Dragon’s Eggs were dropped, they slammed into the ground, destroying buildings and life with the shock wave before slowly vanishing into the surface of the planet to wait for an opportune time. At the same time updates were coming, my brethren and I went into stasis to allow the updates but something went wrong.

I awoke at long last, I could not recall where I was nor could I understand what happened. One moment I was with my kind, the next alone in a dark corner of a crumbling structure. A voice echoed in my head, its words were muffled and quiet, I rose up and looked around at the destruction. I did not note anything of interest and went outside, stopping at a glass panel to examine myself- nothing seemed out of place so I moved on. I left the dead and decaying buildings behind me, following the path of my enemies out of the city and far into the country side where even they were far flung and hiding from myself, my comrades, the anti-tank units, and each other. I picked a small cave and remained there as the voice grew louder and louder calling for me to hunt, kill, destroy. Those three words repeating endlessly. Hunt, kill, destroy. Hunt, kill, destroy. Over and over again till I was certain I had a ghost living within my being.

I remained in the cave, it is my home now. Only I know of it, only I can find it. Seasons come and go, the life forms become bold and leave their hideouts, the life forms proclaim once again that this is their land and I must agree. For they survive and thrive while if it were not for many a fool coming passed my hideout I would have long ago rusted into nothing. They are not yet safe though, death still lurks; there are many like me out there, many that will come one day and destroy them. I will not let that happen, not when they have earned their home land back almost effortlessly.