The Keeper happily eats in his room, the cold soup is just what he needs on the hot night; hoping that the couple hours separated has calmed his bride to be, he rises and makes his way to her rooms and knocks. There is no answer, he frowns and knocks again, still nothing. He slowly turns the knob and opens the door “Miss Maggie? It’s Jacob.” He peers into the room but finds it empty and the balcony doors open, confused he walks in “My dear, are you outside?” He calls cautiously, walking through the room quietly, no answer comes. As he gets closer he sees the makeshift rope, realization dawns on him and he spins around, marching out the room, slamming the door loudly behind him. “GUARDS!” his voice echoes and the guards come running. “Where is Lady Foretold?”

“In her room, Your Grace.” One answers quickly.

“If that were true do you think I’d be out here asking?” The Keeper snarls, the man’s hands come up in surrender.

“No sire, I supposed not.”

“Find her!” The men scatter but an idea quickly crosses the king’s mind and he makes his way to Alex’s room, he finds it empty, nearly devoid of the knights belongings with a letter sealed on his desk addressed to him. He takes it and breaks the seal, reading it quickly before crumpling it and throwing it in the fire. “Damn you Alexander.” He exits the room and marches toward the North Tower, he finds it unguarded, door ajar and frowns. Rather then call for a knight to check for the prisoner the king draws his sword and enters the small tower, he slowly and quietly climbs the stairs, every room he passes is empty, the doors to the balcony still sealed. With a frown he steps down the stairs, slowly putting together what has happened in his head, when he reaches the base of the North Tower he sighs and clears his throat “GUARDS! PRISONER ESCAPE! RAISE THE ALARM!” The men that hear him rush into action, the castle is locked down followed by the city and search begins but only the blanket and the knight’s belongings can be found within the castle, as the night marches on the men search the city before realizing that the three are long gone. Road blocks are put up, patrols organized and a search party is released into the vast dense forest to search for the escapee and his accomplices.

The sun rises and nothing is found but the Keeper does not allow the men rest, he wants the three found, alive and returned to him as soon as possible.

Lost [chapter 20]