Reader Warning: Contains foul language and movie ideas (tossing a match and have it still start a fire) so bad language and unrealistic events bother you don’t read

Author’s Note: Was written in entirety at work while I was being rushed to do just about everything, so forgive misspelling and bad grammar. I tried to fix it as I typed.


Fuck, fuck, fuck! God damn it! In a panic I fling open my small safe, snatching my forged documents and cash before pulling on a wig and sunglasses- not my best disguise I’ll admit but with a SWAT team outside my door it’ll work; I pull on a jacket, pocket my cash and documents, and rush to the fire escape, kicking over a container of kerosene in the process. Standing on the metal grating I look back and sigh, I strike a match and toss it into the fuel- it catches instantly and my old life is up in flames.

The flames, thankfully, offer ample coverage for my escape and by the time they realize I’m gone, I’ve already bought and boarded a bus to a back wash shit hole I once called home. The news flash about me lights up my phone as the bus crawls to a halt. I climb off in front of the only gas station that I once worked at- I bypass nostalgia and head for the “down town.”

It takes a few minutes to reach it but when I do I find that not much has changed- the same small stores clustered around the hulking Farm & More store. I shudder as memories of hot summer nights with Brian Barns- the owner’s son- flood my mind before the sadness sinks and the what-ifs begin to haunt me for but a moment. With a deep breath I push them away and steal myself for seeing the man I left so long ago; stepping into the building the AC is heaven sent but the sign under the massive TV reading “smile you’re on camera” makes me frown. Of course Barns upgraded the security, why wouldn’t he.

I walk toward the back where the office is, weaving in and out of people, keeping my head down just in case one of them saw the same new bulletin that lit up my phone nearly an hour before. When I reach the back I find that the warehouse has expanded though through the open doors I can see the office door, without hesitation I walk in, snagging a name tag left behind and putting it on so I could claim to be a new person, I look into the office and smile before stepping in, shutting the door behind me. “Hey Brian.” His pen stops and he looks up at the wall in front of him, not turning to face me.

“Hey Cindy… Or is it Lucy now? I think the news called you Samantha. So what would you prefer?” his voice is hollow.

“Its actually,” I pull out the false ID and look at it “Anna, now…” He gives a soft but bitter laugh.

“What do you want.”

“A place to hide out.”

“Get out, you burned this bridge when you left and then returned without her.”

“Brian, pleas-”

“GET OUT!” He still wont look at me, I nod silently and leave, removing the name tag and setting it where I found it. I make it out of the store unrecognized and stand in the parking lot alone and unsure of what to do next.

“Well fuck…” I mumble to myself and begin walking to a motel that I hope is still there so I at least have a roof over my head for the night.