The first kings

The age of the first king brought many things- war, famine, death, magic, werewolves, and night crawlers; Wysteria started off divided, with seven kings on seven thrones intent on destroying each other and taking over the land. The king that proved the most suited to hostile takeover and occupation was Bloodbane the Wise.

He marched his men from the northern ice sheets to the southern coast, taking no prisoner but killing few bystanders till the other six kings knelt before him, pledging their lives and their swords to him. He rode back with his most loyal men, leaving some in place to rule their counties while reporting back to him. He honored his gods and spread word of them throughout his new kingdom, his skill in battle and his mind for politics made him a righteous king and earned him the loyalty of man, woman, and child. The gods seemed to smile upon him, they brought him a strong wife whore bore him many sons- but his life was ended abruptly when, while attending a tournament, an attacker took his aim from across the stands and struck the man down with a single arrow to the eye.

His body was burned with the traditional burial rites before the wind carried off the ashes, sending him to the gods that seemingly adored him so much. His third son, through a stroke of luck it would seem, took the throne; he lead much like his father and soon commanded the same strength and loyalty. He changed the name of the nation from Bleak Heights to Wysteria, after his father most cherished flower, and lead the people through a period of mourning. When the mourning was done he strengthened the regard for magic, werewolves, and mythicals allowing them to be free from fear and persecution. His name, Seraphim Rain the Gentle, fell into history as he worked to build and preserve his father’s legacy and his own. His wife bore only one son, and to him the throne fell while the Gods stole away Seraphim in the night.

His son, Talon the Great, was a builder, always reaching for the heavens. He created buildings that awed his people, he created strongholds that would never see battle in his lifetime. He was loved, celebrated, idolized; he lead a push to educate the masses and bring the world to life with art, music, and writings. He began the first library, filled it with the words of hundreds and allowed any man, woman, and child within to read the writings and hear great people speak. He met his first wife in the rain after stopping his caravan to assist her and her family, they were married six months later but their love was not to last. A year after their marriage she died, along with her child, in childbirth; three years after his loss, when the pain had dulled, he met his second wife and married her. Two years after, she bore him a daughter, strong and true, much like him her eyes were cast on greater things, but marriage called to her and soon a new son was welcomed to the royals.

Magus the Red

Shortly after welcoming him, Talon and his wife were killed; Magus took the throne, he lead a bloody campaign to slaughter his enemies, he spent gold and taxed everyone beneath him into poverty. His wife, the true queen, was locked away in a stronghold of his father’s design alone. She gave birth to twin, but neither survived, she again conceived- with a secret lover this time- and brought one son into the world. After years of training in battle, and in art, he was freed from the confines of his mother’s prison- to come to Magus, to entertain him and his violent court, but he had other ideas.

On his birthday he arrived, the stench of blood and death radiated from the courtyard, permeated the stone walls of the Red Keep; Maxim marched, head held high, into his father’s court, ready for anything. What greeted him was a fat, lecherous bastard, a man with no loyalty to his wife and so many terrified women, peering at Maxim with scared eyes. He fell to one knee, drawing a knife from his boot he offered his prayer: “Goddess Amora, grant me vengeance, Against this fool with ill intentions- Slaughtered many, taxed those that survived, By his rule my country cannot abide. Grant this favor, allow me to be the savior. This sin I will carry, till I am dead buried. In your name I pray. Grant me the strength, my Goddess Amora.” When he rose, knife in hand Magus laughed but did not call his guard, Maxim approached slowly, none in court moved to intervene, and when he was close enough he lept upon Magus the Red, plunging the blade into the man’s chest, tearing through arteries and causing deep red blood to well up as he withdrew the knife. The king howled and screamed for but a short time, blood overtook him and he passed on in his throne. Maxin stood, visibly shaken and turned to the men and women around him.

Carefully he stepped out of the throne room and sent word to his mother that her tormentor was free. He waited for weeks to hear back from her, but when the messenger returned he brought sad news. The Queen, his mother, was dead- she hanged herself in her rooms, the note read “To make a deal with me, you must lose something in return.” He understood, and while saddened by her loss he took the throne, but had both the Red Keep and his mother’s prison destroyed. His mother was memorialized, while Magus was all but stricken from official records

The Rebuilding

Maxim worked to rebuild and restore faith. The hungry were fed, the taxes were returned and life returned to normal though the people were very warey of who sat upon the throne. After years of hard work, reparations, and healing Maxim the Slayer unwillingly married a girl from the far south, she bore him three sons, each more spoiled than the last. They exasperated him and he sought solace in his grandfather’s writing, trying to draw peace of mind from the drawings of buildings and the letters written to various people. Many things weighed on his mind and nothing seemed to pull him from a growing sadness; many tried to reach out to him but it was as though he were alone on an island in the middle of the sea under a raging tempest. After many years of struggling, Maxim the Slayer took his own life, using the same knife that had ended a tyrant to long ago he slit his throat and let the world slip away.

Shocked and horrified he was quickly and quietly cremated before being entombed within the catacombs of the royals. His second son took the throne after his first son stepped down due to health problems. Claymore the Wise lead his people through the shock and sadness of losing Maxim, then of losing his elder brother; this man again brought enlightenment to the people. Science and experimentation took hold during his rule, while some feared this change most embraced it as explaining how the gods and goddesses work.


Claymore the Wise was just the first in a long line of peaceful rulers leading the way to enlightenment, with every new ruler more was discovered and added to the great storehouses of knowledge free to the people.

-Claymore the Wise married, had two sons, First son took the throne

-Hunter the Kind did not marry, upon his early death Claymore’s second son took the throne

-Rune the Strong spent time both learning and fighting leading him to relatively well-rounded; he married young, his wife gave him twins but died shortly after. A sickness took one son and weakened another but still he survived. Upon his death he was laid to rest with his wife and young son before the other took the throne

-Griffon the Wanderer never stayed in one place long, he desired to experience everything his kingdom had to offer him. He had many lovers, and a handful of bastard children but he finally married a barmaid who bore him one daughter.

-Lana the Peacekeeper bore one son to her husband, this child came during a time of great unrest in Wysteria, but survived it all till her death with he took the throne.


When Lana the Peacekeeper passed on her son, Leo the Deserter, took the throne. He was not on the throne before a coup was lead against him, his castle was breached and he and his young wife were dragged from their bed, given the option to stay and die or flee to exile both he and his wife chose to flee. The coup a success, a sect, ruled by the belief in one god, stood in power and put in place a new king upon the throne, Ivan the Honorable, sat on his pedestal with the whole of Wysteria in a state of confusion and panic. When the dust settled the people came to terms with the exile of Leo and the instatement of Ivan, choosing to honor the man to avoid bloodshed during the holy months.

When the holy months were over Ivan outlawed the old gods, outcry rose but quickly fell silent when he began imprisoning those that rose up against him. The he started edging out magic and its users; this ended in a bloody confrontation that left many dead, many horribly injured, and Ivan as the triumphant. With magic and the old gods outlawed he was left with a country shaped in the image of his cult. A solitary god ruled the religion, the temples were torn apart and rebuilt, the shrines desecrated, and the gods of old revoked their protection. Without a care he married a young wife, and she brought him two son, both died shortly after their births followed by his wife who threw herself into the sea as it rose and rose.

Sensing danger he and his cult prayed to their god and for a short time the issues stopped, but then the tides changed, the ocean currents made sailing to the peninsula possible for the enemies abroad, the weather changed, and animals began to die. Still they kept praying, when Ivan died the issues lessened but his cousin who took the throne after did not revert to the old ways. Regan the Foolish continued with the practices, ignoring the old mystics and forcing his rule upon the land till finally the opposition died away, and the solitary god was left to rule and magic was no more.