I got a little side tracked from Lost, sorry about that. This is for Wysteria, which I guess is a full-fledged addition to this blog now instead of a little one shot.


  • Called a Blood Demon or Night Crawler
    • The word “vampire” does not exist within Wysteria
  • Origin
    • Started as an unholy alliance between ancient gods and “The Dark One”
      • The Dark One requested power, the gods provided it
        • Needing power to defend his clan he accepts the dark deal of unlimited power for his soul, the Gods collect his debt after the war is over, he and his clan become blood drinkers, creatures of the night that live for centuries, passing their curse on for millennia to come.
  • Creating:
    • After The Dark One and his clan were turned into blood-thirsty killers creation of new vampires became less clear. The simple method is for people desiring to join the clan to drink the blood of the master making him or her a vampire after 7 days in a state similar to death. The hard method is for unwilling turns, and that is three bites from any vampire and 7 days in a state similar to death.
  • Destroying
    • Vampires will die after a century as the undead creature naturally
      • They will turn to dust and disintegrate after reaching old age
    • To kill a vampire prematurely is not simple
      • First one must locate them
      • Then one must get to them, with heightened senses they are hard to sneak up on
      • If one can reach them, stab them with a silver stake, cut off their head, and set the body ablaze- for safety


  • Has been practiced since time began
    • Has three rules
      • Do not change/affect the weather
      • Do not harm others
      • Heed not the darkness calling
    • Numerous people have practiced magic and passed it on to other people
      • The secrets were kept in a book, reproduced by apprentices for their own references and so on and so forth.
        • All Known and Unknown
    • Witches and Wizards
      • Either stationary or roaming, they often sought out their apprentices
        • Witches were known for curing disease, ridding the home of ill-will/spirits, helping with childbirth, communicating with the Gods
        • Wizards were seen as roaming entertainers and defends, they would bless dark places, make offerings to spirits, and fight the things that go bump in the night



  • Commonly called The Beast (or Beasts) in the country while Werewolf  (Werewolves) is common in the cities
    • These monsters appeared around the same time as the vampires, but their origin is shrouded in mystery. Thought to be a divine response to the evil being spread.
    • Werewolves are commonly at war with vampires, fighting endlessly to protect cities, towns, and solitary farm houses from the evil.
    • Once a valiant and honorable thing to take up, now it is a cursed and whispered profession
      • Due to the destruction of magic people who choose to become Werewolves must do so in secret lest the law catches wind of it and arrest them



  • Mythical creatures were once commonplace, from forests to fields, castle walls to peasant basements they were everywhere and a real part of life.
    • Fairies were in the grasslands while gnomes were gardens, dwarves mined the deepest caves, while elves danced in falling leaves. All were dangerous in their own ways but they were also kind in their own ways.
      • Fairies danced with children in the sparkling moonlight, before returning the lost little souls by sun’s first light
      • Gnomes guard the garden from pests of all sorts, while also taking what they need to survive cold winter’s night
      • Dwarves are solitary, living apart from the race of man; if they are found beware, they are quick to anger, but for every cave they mined the night crawls had one less place to hide
      • Elves protected the forest, keeping everything in order, keeping little children who inadvertently crossed their borders, but in the moonlight if the offering was just right the children would be returned, with stories to untold treasure and beautiful people to tell
  • The mythicals seemingly vanished as magic and the old gods were phased out of human society, they are now used to keep children out of cave and the forest.