Reader Warning: Some of the content contained within the story may not be suitable for everyone, if you are sensitive about murder or suicide please read at your own risk.

Author’s Note: Everything except the last 4 paragraphs were written at work

Her measured steps echo in the deserted moonlit hallway; between the soft click of her heals counting out an impossibly slow pace and the moonlight streaming in, she is the embodiment of grace and beauty. Her dark eyes gaze longing at some point beyond the window and horizon, boring into the inky blackness. She seems transfixed by the glittering jewels reflecting in her eyes.

With a breathy sigh her eyes slide from the window to the pale lit hallway, she smiles seeing a shadowed figure waiting for her but she does not hasten her measured pace making the man wait for her at the end of the hall. His dark eyes never leaver lithe form as she approaches; finally she is in his arms and his dark eyes sparkle like stars as he hold her, but something is not right…

She attempts to push away but he holds her close “What is it, love?” he whispers harshly. Her eyes widen- his voice… His voice is wrong-the illusion shatters. This man is not her lover, this man is a stranger and she is already wrapped in his arms.

She struggles but the bulking man tightens his grip on her “Release me.” She hisses, shoving harder, delicate arm pressing on his throat cutting some, but not all of his arm.

“If I did that, love I wouldn’t get paid.” He lifts her up with ease, her feet leave the ground and her heals drop. She kicks wildly as he carries her to the window, elbowing it open.

“What are you doing! No stop!” He adjust his hold and shoves her out the open window, sending her falling the eighty feet to the rocky ground beneath, he collects her shoes that once helped measure her pace and place them at the open window and leaves the scene silently.

Eighty feet below her body collides with the large rocks jutting out from the base of the fortress, her skull shatters, and she is left gazing up at the jewels trapped in inky, blood radiating out from her like a morbid halo. Dawn does not came fast enough, her shoes are found first, then the scene is uncovered; a handsome man with dark eyes turns away, an evil sort of joy welling up seeing her dead and gone. He rushes off, too “distressed” to handle the scene, her assailant is paid off and banished to the out lands for a safe and peaceful life.

The lie remains un-shattered, while the broken woman is buried and the handsome man takes a yet younger lover to his bed each night, forgetting the beautiful and graceful woman almost instantly.