A once magical land it is now more civilized, leaving behind the old ways and old gods. In the process of purging the old magic from their memories they purged who they are, they are now a shadow of their former selves, the country is in shambles, nearly nothing grows, the sun is rarely seen, winters are harsh, and summers are unbearable. To top it all off without the old magic they are left completely defenseless, the tides that once protected have shifted, the mountains stopped growing, and their enemies are aware of this fact.

A king sits on the throne but his half-sister calls the shots, the royals are brutal on their people but the spoken laws are just. Officials are corrupt, mobs run most major cities, and the only reprieve from the insanity is in the brothels, opium dens, and saloons- if you can afford to get in them.

But there’s a change on the wind, something is coming and it will reshape Wysteria for the rest of time.