just having some fun creating worlds

A land trapped in an endless twilight without a discernible day-night cycle yet there is both. Day is full of happiness and safety while night is when sensible people lock their doors against the horrors hidden within the darkness. Time does not press on the people within the land yet it will take its toll on objects, rotting them till nothing remains.

Most people don’t seem to notice the change in time of day, and no one ever seems to sleep even when they claim to be exhausted. There is no need to eat though when it is acceptable to eat- cakes and tea are the most common food in Mythica. The flour jars, sugar jars, eggs, and so on never run out allowing the people to mindlessly bake and consume the sweets without fear of running out of them or the ingredients needed.

Mythica is commanded by a lovely King and his adoring consort; don’t let the king’s good looks fool you though, he is barbaric in his punishments and unjust in his laws-cross him once and you’ll regret it for what little of a lifetime you have left. Do not hold a grudge against his consort either, the poor woman is as much a prisoner as the rest of Mythica unable to flee from her king without her heart being ripped out at “dawn.”