The hours pass by quickly and soon Alex is rolling out of bed, he glares at the food left for him and disregards it as he makes his way out of his rooms down to the dungeon where Throne awaits him. “Took your time, knight.”

“Sorry, I needed to sleep.” Alex sighs, he looks over his shoulder and the guards bow out of the room, closing the heavy door behind them leaving Alex alone with the captured bandit king. “I swear to you I didn’t know about this plan.”

“I know, my friend.”

“I was going to go with, help you and Miss Magnolia escape but Keeper forbade it.” Throne nods and sighs, leaning back against a sturdy wooden poll.

“What’s going to happen to the people?”

“I… I don’t know, I can try to get the orphans and families out to freedom but your men and you… I just don’t know.” Throne nods and closes his eyes.

“All good things come to end at some time I suppose.” Throne smiles to himself “Take care of yourself, Alex. If I die the people will need a new champion.”

“Don’t say that, Throne… You are the people’s champion, they only see me as a false king’s lap dog.” Throne chuckles softly.

“If we’re lucky I’ll become king and you will be loved by the people for always standing with me.”

“I can only hope for that, Throne.” A loud knock rings out in the cramped room “I have to go now, I need to keep Miss Magnolia safe from Keeper. I don’t know what he’s going to do but he’s plotting something.” Throne nods.

“Keep her out of his hands, Alex. He may be trying to woo her to cement his power.” Alex nods and turns, leaving Throne alone in the room to contemplate the future of himself, his people, and his dearest friend. Alex marches through the halls to the chapel, upon entering he is greeted by the Brothers, whispering amongst themselves outside the door of Maggie’s room.

“Brothers? Whats going on?” Some jump and turn, the elderly master just slowly turns to look at the knight.

“She’s talking, Alex… No one else is in that room, but she’s talking.” Alex glances between them.

“Perhaps she’s sleeping?” He suggests, the elderly man shakes his head.

“I do not think she is sleeping, Alex.” The knight sighs and goes to the door, knocking loudly, stopping the stream of mumbled words and causing her to open the door.

“Miss Magnolia, are you alright?”

“No, I’m not alright Alex.” The woman sighs, her hair is greasy and she looks close to tears.

“Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? I…” Maggie looks around and blushes “I’d rather not announce my problem in front of a bunch of men.” The Brothers nod in immediate understanding.

“Woman’s sickness.”

“Excuse me? It is not a sickness, its because of this process you’re alive.” The Brothers just nod mutely, while Maggie rages on the inside.

“Miss Magnolia,” Her gaze shoots up to Alex “Would you like me to get a nurse for you?”

“Would she be able to help me?” Maggie asks, annoyance in her voice.


“Then go get her, please.” Maggie slams the door shut, Alex turns and begins walking away but the door jerks open suddenly behind him “And a change of clothes.” The Brothers exchange glances while Alex steps into the hall, nearly running into the Keeper.

“Alex, you get around quickly. What brings you here?” The man smiles, the knight politely smiles back.

“I came to check on the Foretold, but she is suffering from woman’s sickness right now. I was going to get a nurse and new clothing.” The Keeper frowns, it is obvious that whatever plan he had was ruined by the news.

“I see, well, fetch the nurse, and when she is taken care of bring her to my dinning hall, I want to talk with her over brunch.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” Alex bows while the Keeper spins on his heels and marches off, after a moment Alex once again begins to walk down the hall intent on reaching the nurses wing. Finally he knocks on the door, waiting for one of the many young women to allow him entry, when the door finally opens a young girl greets him and allows him entry into the front hall but no further.

“How may we help you Good Sir Knight?” She asks softly, keeping her gaze averted from him.

“The Foretold has been found and she is having a problem.”

“Can you be more specific?”

“She is having woman’s sickness,” The woman nods “And she needs assistance I can’t give her, along with new clothing.”

“I see, let me talk to mother. Please wait here.” Alex nods, the girl vanishes into the rest of the rooms, leaving the knight standing in the front entrance. Finally she and an older woman appear, holding two bundles and ready to leave.

“Follow me, lady nurses, she is in the chapel.” They follow closely, eyes cast to the ground, when they reach the chapel Alex holds the door for them and directs them to the side room; the women knock and Maggie opens the door letting both women in. For a few moments its quiet, then there is some shuffling and talking, and then the door opens the nurses exit first then Maggie follows wearing leggings, and a knee length belted tunic.

“Thank you ladies.” The nurses nods to her and push passed Alex, heading back to their wing, Maggie looks at Alex and waits for him to make the first move. Finally the knight clears his throat and offers her his arm, which Maggie takes though more for the sake of not getting lost in the massive palace then hanging off of the knight.

Alex quietly leads her through the halls to the Keeper’s dinning hall, the doors part and they enter, seated at the head of the table is the king, with one other place set. Alex leads Maggie to the place, pulls the chair out for her then stands off to the side. “Alex, you needn’t stay here.” The king smiles kindly.

“I’m here to serve the Foretold, Your Grace. Forgive the intrusion, but I must stay.” Maggie looks back at the knight then at the king.

“Please Your Grace, do not send him away. If you do I’ll not be able to return to the chapel.” The Keeper chuckles.

“I’ll show you the way, Lady Foretold. Alexander, please-”

“I will not leave, Your Grace. I serve the Foretold and here I will stay till she dismisses me.” The Keeper shuts his mouth and looks to Maggie who gazes back to him, when it becomes apparent that she is not on his side he smiles and clears his throat.

“Well, alright then, would you like a place, Alex?”

“No thank you Your Grace.” The Keeper nods and turns his attention back to Maggie.

“Forgive the ill start to our meal, Lady Foretold, please allow me to make it up to you.”

“Its fine, I’m kind of hungry, can we just eat?” The king pauses a moment to wave in servants, the men and women quickly come and fill the plates with toast, eggs, ham, and some fresh fruit. When they leave Maggie grabs a fork and knife and begins eating, and while the Keeper watches her, horrified by her lack of manners, he also forgives her for it as the Foretold is not of his realm.

“What has brought you here?” He asks between forks of food.

“A car crash, but from what I’ve been told I’m tasked with bringing peace to this world.”

“What is a car crash?”

“A car is like a wagon without a horse, and a car crash is like a wagon crash just without horses.” Maggie explains with a mouth full of food.

“Ah, how odd. A wagon without a horse… How does it work?” Maggie shrugs.

“No idea, gas goes in, car goes forward.” The keeper chuckles, the warm sound makes Maggie smile.

“Oh, I see. Well… As long as it goes forward, yes?”

“Exactly.” Alex shifts uncomfortably with the light tone the conversation had, uncertain of the Keeper’s intention, but it does not last long before a guard throws open the door with a bang.

“Your Grace! The prisoners are revolting! Madam Margery is demanding a trial or freedom and many of the women are getting ready to riot!”

“Gods above.” The king groans and sets his fork down. “Please, Lady Foretold, enjoy your meal. I must deal with this immediately.”

“Oh… Thank you, Your Grace.” The Keeper crosses the room and makes his way to the hall, Maggie stands up “Let them go, Your Grace.” He stops and looks at her “You need to let them go or they will become martyrs for the people.”

The Keeper nods slowly and walks out of the room, the doors shut behind him and Maggie sits down. The second the king is gone Alex sits in his seat and begins eating the food left behind like a ravenous beast, Maggie giggles and slides her plate over to him, letting him finish off her food too before standing “Hungry Alex?”

“Very, I didn’t eat this morning.”

“Why not?”

“Hate the white fish and mushed grain. Can’t eat it anymore.” Maggie smiles and nods.

“So what do I do to bring peace?”

“No idea,” Alex wipes his mouth and stands up. “I guess we can go talk to master and see if he has any insight for you.”

“Alrighty, lead the way.” Alex nods and offers her his arm, Maggie rolls her eyes “I’ll just follow you, you have no idea how many dirty looks I got on our way over here.”

“Oh… Ok, follow me.” Alex motions for her to follow him and they walk together down the halls, stopping from time to time for Maggie to explore the art work, gardens, and armor that is scattered through out the palace.

Lost [chapter 12]