This was written mostly at work before I clocked in, if you want more feel free to tell me as I won’t do much more with it by myself.

Locker 163, all the way at the end of the dime corridor. I hold the combination with trembling hands and make my way down the line, knowing that whatever I contained within the metal box would change my life forever. I carefully turn the lock 24-30-10, it opens and my breath catches. Heart pounding in my ears, I open the door with a creak to reveal-nothing… My heart sinks. Nothing… My anger grows and I hastily go through my pockets pulling out the note that had directed me here, hoping that it was a coincidence, that I was at the wrong place and this locker 163 just happened to open with the same combination. My hope is shattered as I reread the address and the locker number, 1205 South Walton Drive, locker 163. I shove the notes into my back pocket and grab the locker door ready to slam it shut before I notice the small pure white envelope sitting on the bottom.

I grab it and open it, the letter is written in beautiful small print. “Push against the wall and all will become clear.” I snort and shove the letter back in the envelope, ready to disregard it as just a joke played on me by whomever but my curiosity just softly asked “but why not?” so I pushed against the back of the locker and the wall opened into pure blackness. I stare into the void for a moment, shocked but then with a shrug I crawl in, stepping into the blackness; the locker back slams shut behind me, vanishing into the blackness. With no other choice I look around, arm outstretched before me hoping to feel something to give me a clue as to where I am. As I stand there my eyes adjust and I can make out a faint light, it seems so far away but I walk toward it hoping to be free from the darkness.

As I approach it grows brighter till finally I can see what is producing the light, its the sun, surrounded by a blue sky shinning down on a green field. Cautiously I walk into the light, the darkness behind me vanishing leaving me stranded alone in the green field under the bright sun with no idea where I am. There is no life around me, no road or town that I can see, nothing- just the sun, the green grass, and the wind.