Hot… Oppressively hot, sweat beads and drips down Maggie’s forehead, her eyes dart back and forth under her eye lids as her fingers twitch, the wise woman watches over her, dabbing her forehead softly, trying to bring some comfort to the oddity in this land. Suddenly Maggie’s eyes shoot open and she sits up right with a loud gasp, looking around fearfully when it becomes clear she is not where she expected to be. “Who are you!” She yells, the wise woman rises slowly.

“I am the wise woman of this village, miss.” Her voice is soft and soothing.

“Wise woman? What… Where am I?” Maggie demands, the wise woman slowly approaches her.

“You are in the northern territory of Throne’s Heir.”

“Who? No, where am I. What town am I in? What aren’t I at the hospital?” the wise woman softly touches Maggie’s arm, the girl flinches and pulls away some.

“Child you are safe here. Whatever has hurt you is far beyond now.”

“What… are you talking about? I got in a car accident you bat, I need medical attention.” The wise woman sighs and pulls away.

“You are safe child, rest. I’ll go get-”

“Safe? WHERE AM I?”

“Enough of this! You have awoken the whole village.” Throne roars stepping into the hut, earning a glare from the wise woman. “You are in my village, you are safe, we do not know who you are, we do not know where you came from, and we do not know who you are.” Maggie’s voice dies away with the yelling. “Now, let us start over. Miss you are in my village, you are safe, and you were found in a glade just down the way. I am Throne’s Heir.”

“I… You… I was found in a glade?”

“Uh, yes. I found you miss.” She looks passed Throne and nods mutely. “Its lovely to see you awake.”

“Why didn’t you take me back to the road?” Throne looks to Alex.

“And leave you there? You weren’t awake, what kind of man would I be if I did that?”

“Well wouldn’t the cops be there? I mean it was a bad accident…” The men exchange confused glances.

“Cops?” Alex asks after a moment.

“Yeah, you know the sheriff or whatever.”

“Why would the sheriff be looking for you?” Throne presses, some hostility creeping into his voice.

“Because I was in an accident! What don’t you get? I’m lost, I’m hurt, my car is wrecked, and you’ve kidnapped me.” Maggie slides from the cot and stands, still having to look up at Throne. “Why wouldn’t you return me to the sheriff?”

“I-I didn’t see the sheriff, perhaps if you tell us your name I’ll know who you are and be able to return you.”

“Its Maggie, like Magnolia.” Blank stares greet her “Like the flower?”

“From the southern plains?” Throne whispers causing Alex to shrug.

“I’m not sure, I rarely go further south then Cypress.”

“Well, Miss Magnolia-” Throne starts.

“Just Maggie.”

“Maggie, you are welcome to stay with me till you figure out how we can best help you, but for the time being it is time to sleep.”

“Sleep? You expect me to sleep?”

“I don’t care what you do! I’m going to sleep, Alex is going to sleep, and my village expects to go back to sleep!” Throne roars spinning on his heals and marching out followed by Alex “Breakfast is at sunrise, I will send someone to awaken you.” Before Maggie can respond the leader vanishes into the night leaving her with the wise woman.

“I… But…”

“Hush child, Throne is not one to argue with. Sleep or don’t, its your choice, but I’m afraid that I am too old to remain awake with you any longer.” Maggie nods mutely as the woman shuffles about before going to bed, Maggie remains awake looking around, slowly plucking up the nerve to peek out the hut door. She gasps softly, and looks around, nothing is familiar, slowly she steps out and explores but quickly realizes she has no idea where she is in the dark, with a sigh she returns to the wise woman’s hut and sits on the ground outside it watching the unfamiliar stars in the summer sky.

Lost [chapter 4]