A… Creepy pasta character? I guess… I really don’t know, I was going to bed last night and got this idea. 


Mr. Smiley has been with me since childhood, though when I was younger he did not appear as he does now. When I was younger he had a pleasant smile, his suit was neat and clean; and his black hair well kept, but now… Well now his smile is deranged, his hair is dirty and stringy while his suit is rumpled and dirty, once a welcomed bed time friend now I fear him. He once helped me sleep, opting to play a game with simple rules “If you open your eyes, I get to keep you.” and I would giggle and agree before quickly closing my eyes and soon sleep would wash over me. The rule hasn’t changed, just the idea behind it has. Every night when I can’t sleep he’s there, looming over my bed side with his deranged smile, corners of his mouth trembling as he forces out “If you open your eyes, I get to keep you.” I snap my eyes shut and turn over, refusing to open them till morning. I do this every night and I always wonder what will happen when I lose his game… I don’t think I want to know actually.