The obsolescence of man.

Have you ever noticed how much technology we use on a daily basis? Phone, cars, laptops, ATMs, automatic check outs; much of our human interaction with the world is now filtered through machines, even now, I am sitting on my laptop typing this, why? Because I can’t just say all of this to anyone who will listen, I’d like look a lunatic. But with all of our advancements where are we leaving ourselves?

A cashier once worked where the self-check outs are; a switch board operator used to connect your calls; a postal worker used to deliver your mail. These people are, or are becoming, obsolete. Now that’s just a handful of people but think about what happens with self-driving cars. The trucking industry could collapse, drivers suddenly out of the job because a computer doesn’t need sleep, doesn’t need to be paid, theoretically won’t crash, and will know when it needs to be repaired and how it needs to be repaired. That’s a massive industry basically brought to its knees by our evolving technology, then add in taxi, lyft, and uber drivers. What happens to them when our cars are solely self-driving? They don’t have jobs anymore, what are they going to do? Then there is doctors, if AI becomes good enough they can fade out as well. Give an AI all the information a doctor has and then some, if we create AI that is advanced enough it will become more accurate then human doctors and what then? These people that paid good money to go to school for at least 9 years only to be replaced by a machine, let’s say they have debt- who pays it, let’s say they need to support a family and now suddenly can’t- what happens to the family?

Many jobs, my current one included, will be given to robots who don’t need to be paid, don’t need breaks, don’t need lunch, and don’t waste time talking to each other. Where does that leave us? We all can’t learn how to repair the robots that replaced us so what are we to do? Some of us will get different jobs, some of us will learn how to repair the robots, or to program the robots but what happens when robots built robots? What happens when we create AI so real it becomes the tipping point between robots, lights and wire, and life? The singularity* is not that far off, we as humans are engineering our down fall. If we survive our wars, if we survive climate change and rising oceans we will create life far beyond us and then we will fall to the way side. Mankind is becoming obsolete and we are creating our obsolescence, we will have no one to blame but ourselves when we are pushed aside and left behind when we create life that will see threw our greedy ways.


*The technological singularity

This isn’t edited in any way, shape, or form; its just free flowing thoughts on our impending self-made doom.