Reader Warning: Contains smut, read at your own risk.


Mourning Lifted

For three days the kingdom mourns collectively for the lost king, no business is done, no songs sung, only black dresses and soft prayers. The morning of the third day saw a massive funeral pyre constructed in the graveled front entrance of Adderdale Keep, the gates still firmly shut and locked. Within the massive stone building preparations are underway, Liliana and Alexandria dress in black dresses, Liliana wearing a sheer veil while Alexandria wares none, James is in his black suit, black cravat and black arm band. Over kill that his mother has insisted on, his father’s body is dressed in gold with a red cape, time has already begun pressing on the body though, it is bloated and stunk to high heaven, most of the staff is happy they are getting it out of the Keep and onto a pyre but none so much as chanced a smile as Liliana is sending away anyone she caught being merry within the three days mourning period.

Royal guards carry the bloated body to the pyre and lay him to rest atop it, kegs of mead and wine are stashed under the fire wood to ensure it will burn and consume the corpse on top. At midday the gates open and the nobles come forth, they gather silently, heads bowed as they wait. An hour or so later Liliana, Alexandria, and James make their appearance, no words are spoken as the fire is lit and the body consumed. It takes hours to burn away and cool down, as the ashes are swept up and placed in gold urn James clears his throat “When my father was taken ill I became king regent, with his death I take the throne. We are in a time of crisis, if we survive this trial I will have a formal coronation, but as of right now I am king and Alexandria is queen, my mother is stepping down from that roll for obvious reasons.”

“When was that decided?” Liliana snaps glaring at her son.

“It was decided when father died and I took the throne.” James shoots back, silencing his mother. “Now, to continue. Three days ago I promised to the west valley that I and an escort of my men would investigate the sightings of barbarians. I will be leaving at sunset tonight, I still have much to prepare, while I am gone Alexandria will be left in charge,” Alexandria gives James an unsure, shocked glance “Treat her nicely when I’m gone.” Liliana lifts the urn and holds it like one might hold an infant.

“James.” He looks over his shoulder at her.

“That is all for today, the bans and closings are lifted.” He turns and walks after his mother, Alexandria just steps behind him. They reach the royal tombs and King James Gordon Hayden the Second is safely placed inside a small cut out and sealed behind the polished stone bearing his name, his birth year, and his death year. Liliana softly touches the polished stone.

“My sweetest one… My only love…” She falls to her knees “Look what happened to you. First you contract the sickness from the southern mongrels then your only son burns you to nothing as though he wishes to wipe you out of history.”

“That is not why mother!” James sighs but Liliana does not respond.

“You left me here, my love… Will you come back to me some day?” She sighs “Surely you will… some day…” She makes no move to stand and Alexandria nudges James out of the tomb before sliding her hand into his giving it a loving squeeze.

“Are you alright, James?” He squeezes her hand back.

“I think so…”

“Its only been three days, if you need anything I’m here.” He gives her a sideways glance and stops walking, pulling her close. “James?”

“What’s wrong, Lexy?” He leans down and nuzzles her neck before placing a soft kiss under her ear “Do you need me?” She blushes.

“N-no” She stammers, he smiles against her neck “I just want you to know I’m here for you.”

“Are you sure that’s all?” She nods and he pulls away, chuckling at her red face. “Sorry love.” He takes her hand and they begin a slow stroll through the garden to the keep. She walks close to him, still blushing. Suddenly she looks around and then steps in front of him, pulling him down into a kiss, he slowly pulls away. “Oh so naughty aren’t you little Lexy?” He tilts her head up so he can look her in the eyes, she squirms some, rubbing her thighs together.

“Its your fault, James.” She blushes when he smiles “You left me alone for three days and now you’re leaving to investigate the west.” He pulls her flush against him and kisses her deeply, pushing his tongue into her pliant mouth and exploring till the need for air drives them apart with soft gasps.

“Shall we return to our rooms? I have three days to make up for and I need to be in you.” She whimpers and blushes more, closing her eyes tightly.

“James, please. This- this is too embarrassing.” He smirks and kisses her softly before whispering in her ear.

“When I return I will take you on the throne, stark naked bathed in colorful moonlight.” She gasps and pulls away; he gives her a playful smile before she tugs him up to their rooms.

The servants look away as they walk, knowing what the two are up to. The door closes and James grabs Alexandria pushing her up against the door with a resounding thunk, she gasps and looks up at him. He kisses her deeply while his hands go to the golden clasps in the front of her dress, stripping her of the heavy garment quickly before pulling away and sliding her many petticoats off of her. Her pale hands go to her corset, but James stops her, she looks up at him. “Leave it, we must be quick today.” She blushes but nods instead pulling off her many jewels while James kneels down and pulls her leggings and underclothes off revealing all of her to him. James looks up at her with a devious smirk making her whimper. He shoots up and pulls her to the bed, pushing back on it so her legs still hang off the edge, he falls to his knees before her and softly kisses each of her knees.

“J-James?” She stammers, he slowly pushes her legs open making her gasp. He presses a soft kiss to her inner thigh “What are you planning?”

“I want to worship my queen.” Jame kisses closer, slowly wedging his broad shoulders between her legs. “Will you let me, Lexy?” He looks up at her, eyes already dark.

“Y-Yes.” She whispers, his smile bring joy to her heart. His breath ghosts over her core as he leans closer, carefully he takes her pearl into his mouth, sucking softly before drawing small circles around it. Alexandria grips the bed sheets tightly and moans. His elegant hand slides up her legs and one long finger pushes into her slowly, making her gasp. He moves it in and out slowly while sucking and licking her pearl, her breath already coming in short pants.

“J-James.” She whispers, a soft plea.

“Hhmm?” She moans and falls back against the bed, James slides his finger out and replaces it with tongue, thrusting it softly while his finger gently rubbed her sensitive pearl. The combined sensations make her chest heave and legs tremble.

“J-James please” She pants, he pulls away and looks up at her.

“Please what, my love?” He whispers, kissing her inner thigh softly.

“N-No more worshiping” He smiles and stands, leaning over her to capture her lips in a gentle kiss, his tongue invades her mouth as she begins fumbling with his belt and laces. He pulls away and carefully pushes his pants and underclothes down his legs, he strokes himself looking at her sweat body, flushed face, and heaving chest. “James?”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” His heart swells with pride as she answers without hesitation.

“Turn over.” Confused she did as he asked, bending over the bed. Without questions James pushed into her hot, tight core and set a fast pace. His hands grip her hips while her knuckles turn white as she holds onto the bed.

Pants and moans fill the room as they work eachother into a frenzy, one of James’s hands slides from her hip to her pearl, rubbing roughly and pulling another, louder moan from Alexandria. His thrusts speed up and become frantic as he nears his peak, he pushes in hard one final time and filled her with his seed, a deep groan reverberating in his chest and her ears. His thrusts slow but his fingers keep roughly rubbing her pearl till the spring within her snapped and her core spasms around him as she moaned loudly.

Slowly James pulls out but his lovely wife does not turn to face him, her shoulders tremble some, “Lexy, what’s wrong?”

“D-Don’t take me like that… Please…” James nods and pulls her up against him, pressing soft kisses to her neck.

“I’m sorry, Lexy, I thought you would enjoy it.” She frowns and pulls away some, giving him an annoyed look.

“Like being take like a whore?” James’s face turns red and he looks away.

“I’m sorry, I wont do it again.” Alexandrian nods and kisses his cheek.

“Ok, good.” James looks up at her and smiles. “And don’t make that promise.” His eyes widen some “Not every time but from time to time. As long as you remember that I am your wife and queen, not your whore.” James pulls her close, kissing the tip of her nose.

“I will never forget that.” He smiles and releases her “But we both need to change.” Alexandria nods and watches James stalk off to his screen, within minutes he is changed into a navy blue suit with black tie and black arm band, he smiles at Alexandria and then helps her dress, pulling her corset tight before getting a damp cloth and cleaning the mess slowly leaking out of her making her gasp and blush. Next is new stockings, underclothes, petticoats, then dress; by the time she is redressed James has to rush around to make the arrangements for going to the river valley.

When the arrangements are made, he and Alexandria head to the dinning hall, expecting Liliana only to find it empty except for the food and a handful of servants, “Where is Mother Liliana?” Alexandria asks one of the servants that just looks blankly at her.

“In her rooms, Your Grace.”

“I figured but why?”

“She refuses to eat.”

“Because I’ll be dinning with her? That’s never been a problem before hand.”

“No, because she is refusing to eat out of grief.”

“And for attention. Bring her a plate of food and see that she at least takes it into her room.” James dismisses the issue easily and escorts his wife to her rightful place beside him. Their food is served and they enjoy eating with out the sulking, insulting presence of Liliana for the briefest moment till a servant girl returns covered in food and tears.

“Beggin’ your pardon, Your Grace.” She sniffles “The former queen refuses to eat.” James sighs and looks at the poor girl.

“Did she do that to you?” She nods “Alright, go get cleaned up, and leave a plate of leftovers out for her in case she changes her mind.”

“Yes Your Grace.” The girl runs off and is not seen again till it is time to clear the dishes and bring dessert. “Would Your Grace like me to save her ladyship a slice of cake?”

“No, if she doesn’t want to join us she gets no cake.” The girl nods and serves the large slices before scurrying out the room.

“She’s a sweet girl.” James nods stuffing a large fork of cake into his mouth.

“She is.”

“Perhaps I’ll take her on as a personal servant.” James nods as Alexandria takes a small fork of cake and eats it, humming happily. The cake is divine and the royals eat it quickly, after dinner James stands up and kisses his wife before heading to the gravel front yard meeting up with a handful of trained men ready to go to the western mountains to hunt for barbarians.

“No armor, Your Grace?” The chosen captain arches an eyebrow and James looks down at himself.

“Do you think I’ll need it? The people fled before confirming any invasion so we might not find anyone.” The Captain sighs.

“Just because they did not confirm it does not mean we might not end up in a fight.” James nods.

“Before we cross the meeting point I’ll put on my armor but I’m not riding the whole way there in full armor.” The captain shrugs and motions for the king’s horse to be brought out to him.

“I assume we’ll camp at the crossing and cross the next day, it’ll be too dark and too dangerous to cross at night.” James nods and mounts his horse. “Your cloak, Your Grace.” James sighs and slides from the horse, snatching his cloak from the stable hand and pulling it on.

“Anything else, captain?” James tests, obviously annoyed.

“That should cover everything.” The captain smiles and James mounts his horse again, leading it to the head of the troops, the captain swings up onto his horse and trots after him, once they are at the head the gates open and James leads them out into the city. The city streets are nearly empty, most people locked inside avoiding the plague so the grand procession goes largely unnoticed. They plod along till they pass out of the city and suburbs into the country side, the sun has set long ago and the only light guiding them is the orange torch light being held by the captain and some men scattered in the group.

The stars slowly move in the sky over head as they push on, the rushing water and soft breeze through the wheat is their only accompaniment as they march. Just before dawn they come to the crossing, and as promised James turns his horse, halting their progress. “Gentlemen, we rest here. Be ready to move at midday.” The men break apart setting up a quick camp, James slides off of his horse and leads it to the river, allowing it to drink while the captain sets up his tent. A few minutes later said man comes over and takes control of the horse so James can sleep.

The ground is cold and hard but the king is grateful for the chance to sleep, the second his head hits the hard pillow his eyes close and his body relaxes as sleep washes over him. He sleeps soundly for hours before being awoken “Your Grace, we need to move now.” James groans and slowly sits up.

“Why?” He rubs the sleep from his eyes and the captain pulls him upright.

“On the horizon is smoke, a lot of smoke. We need to investigate and rescue.” James yawns but nods.

“Get me into my armor.” The captain rolls his eyes and walks out the tent sending in a different man to help the king. Forty minutes later the collection is moving again, crossing the rivers as quickly and safely as they can before heading toward the smoke. As they crest a hill they see a large wheat field on fire and James frowns, looking over his shoulder at his troops “Put it out, find whomever set it.”

The men react quickly and put the fire out within an hour then they set about locating who had set it. It does not take long to find the farm house and the note left within, it is brought to James who snatches it and reads it aloud for all to hear “To whomever finds this, I have fled to the east to out run the barbarians. I will burn my wheat field so it cannot be used against us should war break out.” James sighs and crumples the letter “Well then, move on.” They start their slow march, keeping an eye on their surroundings, watching and waiting for an enemy attack.

James leads them further and further into the river valley toward the western mountains, the men shift uncomfortably as they draw closer and closer to the looming mountains. The sun begins to set vanishing behind the mountains faster then they are used to leaving them scrambling for torches and a way to light them, James yawns and stretchs looking around. “Gentlemen we’ll camp atop that hill up there. We are all tired and on edge but do try to get some rest.” They march up the hill and fan out, creating a small camp lit by the torches and patrolled by men while James pulls his armor off and goes to sleep, falling into a restful sleep still convinced that there is no danger to him or his people.