2016, what a year. So much happened in the real world and in my personal life that trying to think back on it all is almost difficult.

January: Last January was spent like many others before it, in my house editing my NaNoWriMo story. Only last year I wasn’t trying to get it done before returning to college, I was just sitting around and from time to time cleaning.

February: Again another month spent like many others, only this time with some job applications being sent in, in hopes of gaining some form of income. I wrote on and off, mostly on though I don’t recall anything I posted to Deviantart.

March: I celebrated my birthday, stopped putting in applications and began to day dream again of having an unconventional job, being a blogger, a writer, a YouTuber, just something that’d make me different from my peers.

April: Spent in panic, hoping I had the funds to buy gifts from my friends, so much so that I again began sending in handfuls of applications to every store and fast food place I could think of, going so far as to take suggestions from friends parents and applying to be teachers aides (thankfully I didn’t get that job, I’m not great with kids).

May-August: got a job, happily I began working in another retail setting. It very quickly turned into anger though as I was forced to be the grunt and the hard worker to prove I wasn’t just some asshole desperate for a job. Spent every other weekend writing and posting, getting more and more frustrated with Deviantart and my uninterested watchers, only there for my sometimes poorly written fanfictions.

September-October: Two more months of frustration but my job became comfortable, my coworkers realized that I wasn’t just going to fuck around and get paid. I had proven myself a capable worker and a hard worker, getting any task done as fast and as well as I could. Still wrote but did less as I was at work to much.

November: NaNoWriMo, one of my favorite months, I spent most of my time attempting to catch up on my word goals while working extra hours because my store was (and still it) bleeding people, loosing them faster then they can hire. I managed to ‘win’ but refused to post any of it on Deviantart and became researching other places to post.

December: I printed out my NaNoWriMo story, created my blog page, and began posting. I washed my hands of Deviantart (for the most part, its still how I talk to some of my friends) and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, a great stress removed from my life and its been wonderful.

2017 Goals:

  1. Donate unused/unwanted items (done)
  2. Create WordPress page (been done for a while now)
  3. Learn to let go
  4. Create time for family and friends
  5. Thank followers, leave more comments, give feedback

I would like to thank everyone following my blog; I haven’t personally thanked all of you but I have looked at your pages and read some of your posts. It sounds condescending and like I have my nose stuck up in the air, but I assure you all that the moment I have a day (or two) off I will sit down and thank you for following, and read more of your posts.

I would also like to extend an open invitation, I love feed back of all sorts. I would love to read some of your thoughts on what I write- tell me what you would change, if I missed something in editing, mock me (those are my favorite comments), tell me what you loved, what you hated; please help me grow as a writer and a person.

Thank you everyone, Happy New Year, and good luck in the future, perhaps we can make the world a better place this year.