Where I work I often encounter hard working men and women, the store has a large selection of Carhartt clothing and this is an amalgamation of the types of men I see buying the clothing, though being hard working is not limited to people willing to spend money I haven’t gotten around to writing about the other brands. Also, I work in the men’s clothing department, only going to women’s clothing every two or three months so I will not be writing about the hard working ladies that come into the store I work at.

The Carhartt Man

Broad shoulders, hulking frame, dirt smeared on his cheeks with kind eyes peering out and a warm smile on his pleasant features; his jeans are worn, his shirt is torn but nothing stops this man. Double-kneed blue jeans with a green sweat shirt over a bright lime t-shirt; he knows no bounds. His heart is large, his hands are calloused, but there is no time to rest. Dirt clings to worn boots, but his feet don’t ache- work on Carhartt man, nothing can slow you down. Not your worn jeans, ruined shirts, or worn boots; the sun still rises and there’s work to do, so my hat is off to you, Carhartt man. We’ll see you when your work is through.