Reader warning: Contains smut, read at your own risk


On the door step

It spreads, the southern merchants pass the plague to the southern villages; pleas for help ring loud and clear in the capital as the mayors and governors send countless messengers back and forth with the king and the prince and many attempt to flee the encroaching plague only to be turned away at other cities and town. For hours everyday the royals would listen to messengers, doctors, and refugees lament their losses, the troubles, and everything connected with the disease spreading up the Red River at an alarming rate. The first symptoms, as cited by the many doctors and healers pouring into the throne on a daily basis, is a dry cough; just an anomaly to the daily health, a dry cough followed by a fever and paranoia. This first stage is when others around the ill catch it, though how leaves the doctors scratching their heads and grasping at straws, the next step begings with coughing up blood, chills, and hallucinations quickly followed by the third and final step, death.

All that can be said is the sickness is contagious and spreading up the trade route before spreading out like a spider’s wed to near by towns and cities. The king hears all of this, he listens for hours before finally retiring to speak with his wife; the city officials wait with baited breath, hoping for good news to take back to their respective lords and ladies. “Attention!” The booming voice of Jonathan, chief announcer for the court, rings out silencing the idle chatter of the throne room “His Majesty King James Gordon Hayden the Second and his wife, Queen Liliana Hayden.” a deathly hush falls over the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Liliana begins “My husband and I have heard you, we have talked at great length about what can be done, and we reached a solution. In three days time the best doctors, healers, and religious people will be sent to those most in need of help. They will work tirelessly to cure what plagues the southern reaches and save the people.”

“Three days? Three days will be too late Your Grace!” A messenger shouts from the back, Liliana shares a compassionate look with the man.

“I wish I could send aid today, but we must organize it before hand. I cannot clap my hands and have everything appear before me.” Though most in the crowd doubt this statement it is enough to silence the dissenting messenger “In three days time they will set out from here, now if you will excuse us, we must prepare to send assistance where it is needed.” Slowly the throne room clears out, Liliana smiles and waves the whole time, promising swift action and help to those in need. When the room is empty the smile and good nature vanishes “Lock the gates, no more meetings till this issue has died down.”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The guards speak in unison, the gates are locked and the royals let out a sigh of relief. Liliana turns to her husband and smiles.

“Now start gathering the doctors.” The king’s face is serious, Liliana’s smile fades.

“Are you serious? They must have angered the gods or something to bring this upon them! I’m sure it was their own fault.” His eyes narrow and he stands.

“The Liliana I married would not have said that. Gather the needed people, bleed the coffers dry, we must stop this plague before it kills us all.” Liliana bites her bottom lip.

“As you wish, husband.” He nods firmly and steps out of the grand room, Liliana glares at her son and daughter-in-law as though they had done something wrong. “Get over here, child. You are going to go out into the city you so love and gather these people for me.”

“Only if you give me the hand written invitations to the palace.” Alexandria speaks defiantly, Liliana’s nostrils flares and she forces a smile.

“But of course child. Wouldn’t want you contracting that horrible whatever is killing people now would we? Just give me a few hours and I will have them delivered to your chambers, be sure that you’re in them. James you go see to your father.” James nods and pulls away from Alexandria, following after his father while Alexandria returns to her chambers to await the letters.

Hours later the letters arrive and she sets off with Ella at her side, she makes hundreds of stops handing out the calling cards before returning well after sunset. When she returns, sore and exhausted James embraces her “I was worried! Did you deliver all of the letters in one go?”

“Yes, I did not want to anger Mother Liliana any more then I already have.” James nods and kisses her softly, but she pulls away as he tries to press for more.

“Not tonight, I’m tired, sore, and hungry. I just want to bath and relax by the fire light with some warm soup.” James smiles at her.

“You go bathe, love. I’ll have the fire stoked and the soup ready when you get out.” Alexandria smiles and calls for Ella, the two women enter the smaller bathing chamber. Ella starts the bath, allowing warm water to flow into the copper tub before helping Alexandria remove her dress, the hem line and a few inches up the skirt is dirty from walking from carriage to house repeatedly.

“There you are, Your Grace.” Alexandria sinks into the water with a happy sigh as it works away the pain and tension she is feeling. “Is there anything else, Your Grace?” Alexandria closes her eyes and smiles, Ella waits anxiously.

“Are you in a rush, sweet Ella?” The princess teases lightly.

“Well…” Ella sighs and hangs her head “Yes Your Grace.”


“I met someone.” Alexandria’s eyes pop open.

“Do tell” She leans on the edge of the tub.

“He’s a guard, and I know its forbidden but after coming here for so many years, I’m sorry Your Grace.” Ella does not raise her head.

“Go on Ella. I won’t tell but if you get caught I’ll have to discipline you.” Ella looks up and grins, Alexandria waves her away as the maid thanks her profusely. For a moment Alexandria thinks of telling Liliana of Ella’s dealings but with a shrug decides that the maid is far more useful in her employment then dealing with whatever the queen could come up with as punishment for her transgression of love and passion.

The bath water cools slowly and when it is nearly room temperature Alexandria steps out and pulls on her robe, tying it loosely before padding out of the bathing chamber and into her living room, as promised the fire is roaring and bowl of soup waits for her. James sits in his winged back chair looking over some letters, she smiles and pads to the table, picking up her soup she balances it against her chest and eats it quietly, not disrupting her husband’s work in the least. When he looks up, he smiles taking in her small frame swamped by her warm, honey colored robe. “What?”

“Just you.” Alexandria blushes and gives him a coy smile, setting her bowl aside.

“Just me? What about me?” James sets the letters aside and crosses the room, sitting on the couch beside his wife and pulling her close.

“Your hair, your eyes, your endless patience.” He kisses the top of her head “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She cuddles close to him, listening to his steady heart beat and breathing. His arm rests on her shoulder, his hand hanging limply just above her small breasts, again he kisses the top of her head, she looks up at him, her breath catching her throat as their eyes lock. James leans down and captures her lips in a heated kiss, pulling her onto his lap slowly; her arms wrap around his neck as she tries desperately to quell the warmth already starting to grow within her. James pulls away and goes to her neck, nipping and kissing softly making her gasp and whimper, her hands gripping his shirt tightly. His hands quickly untie her robe and push it off of her slim frame, revealing all of her to him and causing her blush a deep red and squirm some, the sensation quite pleasant against his trapped half hard member. He groans deep in his throat and his hands go to her slim hips, helping her grind against him more, she moans and pulls him into a deep kiss, hoping to stifle her own cries of pleasure. He suddenly stops her movements, making her pull away and look up at him.

“Sorry, just hold on a moment, please” She nods, he releases her hips and quickly unfastens his belt then the laces holding both his pants and underclothes closed with a loud sigh, he pulls his cock out of his clothing and grabs her hips again.

“W-Wait, here?” She asks as he begins to lower her onto his cock, the tip just ghosting over her wet lips.

“Yes, god yes. I want to take you in every room we have.” He groans but does not push her further “Please, can we?” She hesitates a moment before nodding. “Say it.”

“Yes we can.” She whispers, blushing more. She moans loudly as he helps her sheath him within her, the angle allowing him deep with in her, slowly she moves her hips, grinding against him, breath quickly becoming labored as she speeds up unable to stop herself. James watches her entranced as she grinds against him, eyes closed and mouth open, he moans and softly strokes her pearl making her hold body spasm “O-Oh James!” She looks at him, confused and desperate for a repeat of the the sensation, her arms wrapped around his neck tighten as he keeps rubbing her pearl making her tighten more and more around him like spring ready to snap.

“Divines look at you” He whispers in her ear “So incredible like this.” She whimpers but it turns into a high pitch moan of completion as the spring inside of her tightened then snapped allowing a flood joy to wash over her and James alike as he spilled deep inside her convulsing core. She collapses against him, panting and sweaty.

“That… That was amazing, James.” She whispers, he holds her close and grunts in agreement, she carefully pulls off of his softening member and grabs her robe, James watches her through half lidded eyes. “Come on James, you can’t sleep out here like that.” He nods and slowly stands up, knees incredibly weak after their previous activity, they walk to their bed room and James slowly strips before joining his wife in their bed, they cuddle close under the covers and allow sleep to take them.

The sun rises far to early the next day and upon being awakened they are ushered into the bathing chamber, cleaned and dressed before being sent to the queen’s study over flowing with people answering her call. The crowd parts for the prince and princess so that they may stand beside the queen, Liliana smiles at them and beckons them to her before making them stand behind her on either side. “Just smile and look pleasant.” She whispers harshly before turning around and sitting at her desk, rearranged to face the door. “Alright everyone, one at a time. You will paid, given a caravan name, and a town name. Please note that I cannot promise you will not get sick, we still do not know how this has spread or what has brought it about. If you wish back out, now would be the time to do it.” Some people left, mostly doctors and nurses with families to consider, when the room has calmed down, Liliana speaks again “Now then, let us begin. I hope to have you all sorted and ready by noon.”

The line moves at a crawl, each person receiving payment, and paper work containing all the details of what they are expected to do, where they going, and what caravan will take them. It is well passed noon when everyone is divided and passed sunset when the first caravan sets off for the furthest southern boarder and nearly midnight when the final one pulls out of the Keep and into the streets heading to the docks for quick passage south before they will head west to the very edge of the plague boundaries. The whole time the royals smile and wave, making small talk and being pleasant, after the last of the commoners have gone the smiles fade and their normal attitudes return. “Why were late?” Liliana demands, turning to her son.

“Its too late for that Liliana, let the boy be.” She glares at her husband but the king does not relent. “Liliana, he is married and was spending time with his wife, let them be.”

“Fine, but don’t let little Alexandria keep you from important appointments again.” James frowns.

“Mother, you NEVER told us you wanted us to be there. We spent to the night together and were sleeping in, we were not late, you failed to tell us to be there at the start.” Liliana gapes at her son.

“How dare you! Did I raise you to talk back to me like that?” James the Second sighs.

“You raised me to put Alexandria before myself. I will not allow you to attack her like you are. Mother, you know her, you liked her before our wedding, what has she done that is so terrible you must treat her as you are?”

“James, its ok.” Alexandria slips her arm around his “Come, Father James is right. Its far too late for this, we are all very tired and need to sleep.” Mother and son share an intense stare before James relents.

“Forgive me mother, I’m exhausted and not thinking clearly.”

“You are forgiven, both of you be ready for breakfast tomorrow.” Liliana turns and leaves, walking passed her husband who does not follow her immediately but instead shares an apologetic glance with both Alexandria and James “James darling, aren’t you coming?”

“Coming sweet one.” James the Second turns and walks to his wife, taking her hand in his and going to the royal rooms to rest.

“Don’t let her treat you like that Alexandria.” James speaks softly as they turn and begin the walk to their rooms.

“I have no choice, James, you know that.” he sighs “I am in your lands, in your home, in your bed. I am your wife, I have no right to speak back to your mother not matter how she treats me.”

“I know… But… I don’t like it.” Alexandria smiles as he reaches out and opens their door.

“I know you don’t, but its ok. I can bare with it as long as I need to.” James nods and they part, Ella appears and helps Alexandria out of her dress and many other layers while one of James’s many man-servants helps him out of his suit and into his sleeping clothes. The two step out from behind their respective screens and smile, the servants stoke the fire while the royals climb into bed, Ella the last one to leave after closing the bed curtains.

“Good night James.” Alexandria whispers into the dark of their bed.

“Good night, Lexy. Perhaps tomorrow mother will be better.” Alexandria’s smile is unseen but present.

The night passes slowly and the two sleep soundly, but on the other side of the court yard, trouble is brewing; the King sits in his private study coughing, a dry cough that rattles his ribs and makes his muscles ache, he stares intently at the paper before him that shakes and trembles with every coughing fit. With a loud sigh he sets the paper aside and rings the bell summoning his servant “Don’t get too close.” The servant freezes “Get the royal doctor, now.” The last word ends with a coughing fit that leaves him exhausted and weak.