Reader Warning: Contains (poorly written) smut, read at your own risk


Three Months Later

After three months the caravan reaches the capital of Adderdale, the roads were been cleared, the weather pleasant, and travel went quickly, only getting held up at the slightly flooded river. The city celebrated the arrival with cheering, music, and confetti thrown from the rooves of the towering buildings. The caravan rolls into the front courtyard of the Keep and the wrought iron gates swing shut, sealing the riffraff outside while not sealing off the royal appearance. The king and queen exit their carriage, pause a moment to wave and smile at the crowd then turn and enter the Keep; James and Alexandria are next, exiting the carriage with the virtuous nurse, waving and entering the front doors of the Keep. The door swings open and unveils the wondrous interior of the castle throne room that, even after years of coming to Adderdale Keep, Alexandria still gapes at; the gray vaulted stone with large stain glass windows are awe inspiring. Rumors state that James Gordon Hayden the first had the hall built to be a church before converting to the northern gods to marry his fifth wife, but whatever the reason, it does not matter as the final outcome is an incredible throne room bathed in colorful light year round.

“Welcome home, Lexy.” James took her hand and squeezed it, pulling her attention away from the room and back to him.

“It wonderful to be back, to stay.” She smiled but before a kiss could be shared the queen cleared her throat.

“The rules from your visits still apply, just because you live here doesn’t mean you get to run MY house hold.” Her voice is stern, her mouth pulled in a deep frown.

“I understand, Your Grace.” Alexandria nods her head, a common gesture that gives respect but also reminds the queen of Adderdale that she too is a royal of kingdom.

“Do not call me that, you will refer to me as Mother Liliana from now on.”

“I understand, Mother Liliana.”

“Mother, please.” James whispers, drawing his mother’s gaze from her new daughter-in-law to her son. “Enough, she has only just gotten here, and she has been here many times. She knows what you expect of her.”

“I hope that she retains that information.” Liliana speaks turning her nose up before turning on her heals and stalking off.

“Forgive her, child.” James the Second sighs once she is out of hearing range. “Her little boy is all grown up and married, she’s never been good with change.”

“She has had 21 years to get used to this idea.” Alexandria mumbles, more to herself then to either of the men listening.

“That she has, but Liliana is just how she is. Please just try to bare with her.” Alexandria nods and smiles at her father-in-law.

“I will, Father.” He grins at her before clapping his hands and rubbing them together.

“Well now, I shall let you get settled in and rest, tonight we feast in your honor.” He leaves the last part out but her face still reddens and his son still nervously rubs the back of his neck, blushing softly. “James, a word please?” James nods and follows his father while Alexandria looks around the massive throne room waiting for Ella to appear and show her to the rooms she will soon share with James.

Her maid appears but directs her to Liliana’s meeting room, without hesitation she knocks on the oak door “Enter.” Alexandria pushes the door open “That maid of yours stays outside.” Ella stops following and allows the door to close in her face.

“You called for me, Mother Liliana?”

“I did,” The woman looks up from the papers before her “You know about tonight, correct?”

“Yes, Father James told me of the feast.” Alexandria feigns innocence in the rest of the matters.

“And of after?” She hesitantly shakes her head, Liliana smiles and pats a plush red chair beside her. “Come and sit child.” Alexandria shuffles to the chair and sits down, from the look of it she expects it to be comfortable and soft but the look is a lie, the cushions are hard and unyielding and the back rest is just a bit too far forward making it nearly impossible to get comfortable. Alexandria looks up at Liliana and refuses to struggle to get comfortable, opting instead for a sweet smile. “Child, after the feasting you will retire your wedding chambers, and you must let James take you.” Again the color returns to Alexandria’s cheeks and she nods mutely.

“I understand, Mother Liliana.” The queen nods and turns back to her paper work.

“Good, now get out.” Alexandria stands and walks out, softly closing the door behind her, she sighs and walks passed Ella who immediately pushes off the wall and follows her.

“I need a bath.” Alexandria glances back at Ella “Come, lets go to the springs.” Ella smiles and follows close, barely containing her happiness. They reach the inner court yard and Alexandria stops for a moment to gaze lovingly at the white roses planted in a row along the path. “They are lovely.”

“Planted in your honor, Your Grace.” Ella smiles as the princess touches the delicate blossoms.

“They’ll be dead soon.” She pulls her hand away and looks around, spotting a servant a little ways off. “You there. Come here please.” The man hurries over and bows to her.

“What can I do for you, Your Grace?”

“I want three dozen of these white roses in my chambers.” The man nods.

“I will see it done personally.”

“Thank you.” Alexandria turns and continues to walk on, reaching the spring chambers a short while later, the steam rolls out from under the door and the scent of lavender soap fills the air surrounding it. Ella rushes forward and pushes the door open for her princess before they both enter and go to the changing area. After some arguing with the slightly damp, heavy dress Alexandria is free to sink into the warm waters and relax, Ella pours warm water over her head and begins to scrub her hair clean before rinsing the soap out and moving onto washing her body. When all is said and done Alexandria is scrubbed clean and allowed to relax in the warm water while Ella strips off her clothing and sinks into a smaller pool reserved for the servants and relaxes for a moment.

When both women are clean and redressed they step out of the chambers only to be greeted by a frantic servant. “There you are, Your Grace!”

“Yes, why? Has something happened?” The servant runs over.

“We could not locate you, we were all very worried.”

“You did not think that a lady having been on the road for three months would not want a bath?” The servant babbles for a moment trying to come up with an excuse and reason as to why the bathing chambers had not been searched first but eventually he gives up.

“It did not occur to me, Your Grace.” Alexandria sighs then smiles.

“I will be getting ready for the feast now, please inform everyone that you found me safe and sound.” The servant nods and the princess walks away heading to her marital chambers. Upon entering the set of rooms she grins, three dozen white roses greet her on the circular entrance table. “They really are lovely.”

“Indeed, Your Grace.” Ella adds softly. “The queen requests you wear the red velvet dress tonight.”

“I hate that dress.” Alexandria grumbles walking in, pointedly ignoring the door to the room she will share with her husband. “But best not to anger Mother Liliana just yet.” Ella giggles at the way she mockingly says the queen’s requested title.

“To true, Your Grace. I will fetch the dress if you wish to change in your library.” Alexandria waves her off dismissively and the maid enters the master bed room, fetching the requested dress and going to the library which will act as Alexandria’s office and study for her events. Alexandria has already begun the process of removing her dress having undone the top few buttons on the front of her dress, Ella quickly takes over and within minutes the bodice is open and the skirt unfastened allowing Alexandria to step out of the dress. Her chemise is next being replaced with new white one, the sleeves of which would be visible; the red velvet dress is pulled on over her head and adjusted to fit right before Ella moves onto her hair, combing out the wet locks before pulling them back into braids and pinning them with golden hair pins with small flowers on the ends.

“Thank you Ella.” Alexandria stands up and smiles at her maid. “After tonight I’ll no longer be a blushing bride.”

“Very true, Your Grace.” Ella smiles and for but a moment their roles vanish “Are you scared?”

“Not really, no.” Alexandria pauses a moment to think “I’ve read many books on the subject and James is a gentle man.”

“I’ve heard that it hurts.”

“I’ve heard that too, I will just have to bare with it tonight.” Ella nods and the roles return. “Go and inform Mother Liliana that I am ready for the feast.” Ella vanishes and Alexandria sits down at her desk, pulling out paper and pen she carefully pens a letter to her mother, but sets it aside half way through opting to wait to finish it and send it. With a sigh she leans back and gazes out the window at the sky, watching the clouds and the birds; Ella reappears startling her. “You scared me.”

“Apologies, Your Grace.” Ella puffs “The Queen would like you to come to her chamber for a moment more before the feast starts.” Alexandria sighs and rises, marching through the castle to Liliana’s room and knocking on the door.

“Enter.” She opens the door and Liliana looks up “There’s a good girl. I thought for sure you have ignored my request.”

“I have no intention of angering you Mother Liliana.” Alexandria replies dutifully.

“Good. That was all I wanted, let us go to the feast.” Liliana rises and slides her arm around Alexandria’s before marching off to the great feasting hall already full of people and just waiting on the two of them to appear before everything gets underway. “Forgive us, everyone. I’m afraid women will be women. We could scarcely tear ourselves away from our gossip.” Everyone laughs politely while they cross the room, they part ways and sit beside their respected husbands. “Please, don’t let us hold the feast up any longer.”

Servants rush to and fro picking up empty plates, cups, dropped utensils, dropping off more food, wine, and just generally providing for the needs of the dining nobles. Alexandria sips at her wine and pushes her food around her plate while James laughs and talks freely with his friends, and while Alexandria knows many around the palace she refuses to interact with them during the feast, opting instead to sulk and contemplate what is to happen when the feast is deemed over. “What’s wrong, love?” James slides into his seat next to her “Nervous?”

“Just a little.” She looks at him and give him a soft, nervous smile.

“Don’t worry,” He presses a soft kiss to her forehead “Everything will be fine.”

“Promise?” He does not get the chance to answer, the sun has set some time ago and now it is time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for feasting with us to welcome our dearest Alexandria, but now it is time for the newly weds to retire for the evening!” The king shouts, his booming voice drowning out the crowd, Alexandria’s face turns red and she looks at the floor as James stands and pulls her with him, escorting her out of the room followed by the royals, the virtuous nurse, and a few select nobles. They walk the twisting the halls to the chambers given to them where everyone enters but only James, Alexandria, and the nurse enter the master bedroom while everyone else goes to the living room to wait for the confirmation of the consummation. The thick oak door swings shut with a soft groan and click of the lock, the newly weds gaze around the room bathed in the warm orange fire light. The colors are deep and earthy with a massive canopy bed in the center of the wall facing the fireplace. Ella appears and takes Alexandria behind the screen, quickly helping her out of the red velvet dress, the chemise, her stockings, and underclothes before helping her pull on a pure white nearly see through night gown and honey robe, she smiles nervously as she steps from behind the screen. James takes a deep breath and offers her his hand, she hesitantly takes it and he pulls her close, eyes locked on her. Ella slips from the room and allows the door to shut and lock behind her, the nurse clears her throat.

“Do not be nervous, my lord and lady.” The nurse speaks softly “You may close the bed curtains and I’ll not make a sound.” The newly weds share glances, with a lopsided grin James pulls Alexandria to the bed before kissing her softly. Her face turns bright red and she pulls away.

“Lay on the bed, love. I’ll close the curtains.” She nods and crawls on the bed, keeping her robe on the whole time. James goes around the bed and pulls the green velvet curtains closed before joining her. The curtain surrounding their new bed offer some privacy for the newly weds. Slowly James undresses Alexandria, kissing at her neck wile her slender hands tremble against him, unsure if she should push him away or hold him close. She settles on clinging to his shirt while his hands travel up her slender thighs, pushing her night gown out of the way. He pulls away long enough to completely remove the thin fabric and look down on his bride, her face flushed, hands gripping his sleeves while her legs tremble.

“J-James?” She whispers as his staring continued, he leans down and kisses her, deepening the kiss quickly before pushing his tongue into her mouth making her gasp and squirm as she struggles to keep up with the newness of his actions. His hands begin to explore her body, gently touching her breasts before slowly parting her legs, she pulls him closer and breaks the kiss. “W-Wait…” He stops and nuzzles her neck.

“What is it love?” He whispers making her shiver.

“W-Why am I the only one naked?” Her face turns a shade redder as James pulls away. He starts with his shirt, stripping it off slowly before struggling with his pants, getting the laces loose and freeing his aching erection before sliding his pants and his underclothes off. Alexandria looks away, unable to gaze upon her husband just yet, he rolls off his stockings and then nuzzles her again.

“Better?” She nods hesitantly and slowly looks at him, her eyes widening seeing his engorged flesh, she hesitantly parts her legs and allows him to kneel between them before pulling him down for a kiss, an action that was quickly becoming addicting as they continue to part and reconnect while James’s hands cup her breasts, massaging them while she desperately holds him close. Everything feels hot and strange to her, between her legs tingles and she desperately wants James to touch her there but does not know how to ask for it; thankfully one of his large hands cups her making her hips buck and her moan. He experimentally rubs her little pearl making her gasp and shut her eyes tightly, he keeps doing it making her pant and gasp, a tightening sensation, totally new to the princess, begins to build.

“J-James, James…” She whines, he watches her closely as her body spasms and she lets out a ragged moan “O-OH!” When her ecstasy ends she falls back against the bed sweating and panting, she looks up at him and blushes.

“Feel good?” James askes, his tone slightly teasing.

“Y-Yes.” James kisses her softly. “I-Is that all?”

“No, the next part will hurt.” She nods, he pulls her close and lines up “Tell me if its too much.”

“I will.” She wraps her arms around him and he slowly starts pushing into her. She whimpers and he captures her lips in a heated kiss, trying to distract her from the slightly painful sensation of being stretched by her husband. He gives one final push and she breaks the kiss with a pitiful whine. “D-Don’t move… please…”

“I won’t,” He kisses her neck, nibbling and sucking softly at her pulse point while she struggles to get use to the sensation of being filled, finally when the pain is nearly gone she nods and James pulls out slowly and pushes back in.

This pace continues, slowly getting faster and faster till James is panting and struggling to keep control. “F-Feels weird” Alexandria whispers softly “G-good but odd.”

“J-Just a little longer.” James grunts “So close.” She nods and kisses him letting the sensation fill her, finally he pushes in hard making her gasp and moan while he groans and spills his seed deep within her. They pant together and share a softly kiss while James slowly pulls out of her, he lays next to her and pulls her close fighting off the urge to sleep. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She cuddles against him, head resting above his heart, his hands idly run up and down her back while his eyes refuse to stay open. Alexandria squirms some, trying to get comfortable and trying to stop the sensation of still having him deep within her, finally her body gives into the sleep and her eyes slip shut and her breathing matches her husbands deep slow breaths.

The nurse stands slowly and exits quietly, entering the living room where the royals and the nobles talk quietly and sip at wine. “It has been consummated.” The gathering celebrates quietly with more wine and some light pastries made just for the occasion by the head baker before exiting the chambers and retiring to their respective set of rooms to sleep.