Reader Warning: Contains swearing


“Fuck you mom!” I slam the door behind me, car keys in hand. The heavens erupt and rain pours down as I back my brown clunker out of the garage and down the short drive onto the slick road devoid of life and speed off. I blow stop signs and flout the law as I continue to mutter curses and speed out of town into the country side, rain pelting my windshield and lightning splitting the sky. I have no destination as I drive, I just need to feel free; I keep pushing down the gas pedal feeling my car go faster and faster down slick, unlit country roads most of which I don’t know. I turn on my radio and blast the pop station, singing along to the songs I know, dancing in my seat as I take sharp turns. Suddenly the road veers off and a tree appears in front of me. I jerk the wheel right, hoping to follow road, but the driver side of my car slams into the tree. Time slows to crawl as the metal crumples and glass shatters, flying everywhere as my car spins, passenger side colliding with the tree. My body strains against the seat belt as I’m slammed around the car, head colliding with the steering wheel before slamming against the cracked window then dropping forward onto my chest, blood dripping down onto my pants as I struggle to keep my eyes open. Slowly, slowly my eyes open and shut, darkness tugging at the edges of my vision before enveloping me fully and dragging my into a world far beyond the physical pain gifted to me by my own mistakes and emotional pain gifted to me by years of failure and disbelief.

Lost [chapter 2]