Ever since I can remember I’ve struggled to get noticed, when I write its like throwing pieces of me into the wind so they may go where the wind carries them. I’ve thrown so much into the world with naught but the gentle breeze in response; no kind words, no little snippets of advice, nothing to let me know that my work has been read and enjoyed.

For years I took the silence, creating in a vacuum chamber of sorts, with only a few friends to bounce ideas off of; but no more. The silence is deafening, the vacuum chamber is lonely – I break free of such issues and throw my work into a raging tempest, breaking free of my silent platform and planting a flag in uncharted territory with the hope that the vacuum chamber does not return. This new platform, this unknown platform, I welcome the challenges, I welcome the heart ache, I welcome the cruel words that may come and I take it all as a sign that this is the place for me.

I choose to create, I choose to share my work because I cannot sit idly by and watch myself become what I never wanted. A mediocre life is not the life I envisioned for myself and this is my line in the sand, I am the Writer and this is my new Platform.