“Redman” fan art by my dear friend Gabi I will be using this picture for all original characters


Magnolia “Maggie” Brown:

  • age: 22
  • height: five foot three inches
  • weight: 175 lbs
  • build: athletic
  • eye color: hazel, more brown then blue
  • hair: brown, wavy, shoulder length, kept lose
  • ID features: large scar on right forearm from “accident”
  • personality: sassy, brave, “broken,” stressed, fearful, misses father, blames mother for father leaving, desperate for a better life
  • Miscellaneous information:
    • father is gone, mother is strict with her
    • few friends that are away in college
    • desperate for a better life

Alexander Saint [Good Sir Knight]

  • age: 24
  • height: six foot two inches
  • weight: 240 lbs
  • build: bulky, well muscled
  • eye color: blue
  • hair: black, long, kept in loose pony tail
  • ID features: large gap in front teeth, scar on left side of his neck under his ear, scar on his forehead that vanishes into hair line
  • Personality: loud, brave, loyal, brawler not fighter, soft spot for women and children
  • Miscellaneous information:
    • mother died, father sent him to army
    • doesn’t feel like a good knight
    • tries to be pious
    • gets attached to people easily
    • very loyal, expects same from others

Jacob Thorn [keeper king]

  • age:45
  • height: five foot nine inches
  • weight: 230 lbs
  • build: fat
  • eye color: gray-blue
  • hair: gray-black, long, loose pony tail
  • ID features: none
  • personality: self-serving, thief, traitor, angry, warlike, abusive to most under him
  • Miscellaneous information
    • stole the throne
    • left heir to die
    • murdered remaining royalty
    • lies to everyone

Alphonso Marion Defries [rightful king, Throne’s Heir]

  • age: 23
  • height: six foot zero inches
  • weight: 205 lbs
  • build: very skinny but defined
  • eye color: green
  • hair: blond, long, loose pony tail
  • ID features: thin, large scars on back, neck, and chest
  • personality: fighter, strong sense of self, quiet, with drawn
  • Miscellaneous information
    • rightful king
    • calls himself Throne’s Heir or just Throne
    • betrayed left to die at young age
    • rescued by a loyalist family
    • friend of Alexander

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