Map of Braydora Empire, drawn by me

The Braydorian Empire was founded by the lone son of a prostitute, Braydon the Lesser- bastard son of Braydon the Greater ruler of the military master city-state Cypress. Upon the Greater’s death the only heir was his bastard son and the council had no choice but to accept the Lesser as king; this was the start to his bloody campaign to conquer the known world and expand Cypress’s boarders.

Farm town after farm town fell to him then the northern most city of Bleeding Oak fall to him and his terrible army, their fine wooden crafts and ships gave the conquerors a winning edge over the last standing city-state of Lyndora. The city-state had long ago closed off her protective walls to the invaders but left her large port open to the free-cities. Braydon the Lesser became Braydon the Conquer, but this wan not enough, he ruled the large peninsula with ease but still his greed called to him. He set his on the small island in the south-east. It fell easily, its many divided chieftains falling one after another to the well armed, ruthless men.

Braydon the Conquer sat upon the throne of a new kingdom, the dawning of a new age was at hand but still he was restless. His greed endless, he desired more and more land to rule. He gathered his men and marched on the free-cities, starting with the smallest mountain city, Krison, before marching on the massive southern city Modon. These cities fell to him one after another and as he marched he claimed countless villages and farms. After these cities fell to him he sought to take over the land beyond the mountains, he marched his men through narrow mountain passes to the lands that supplied precious metals, jewels, and craftsmen. The northern lands would have none of it, every advance Braydon made was pushed back by barbarian fighters, organized armies, and fights the likes of which the empire had never seen. Finally he caved, he returned home broke, with less then a fourth of his original army, and in disgrace; every where he went the people rebelled till his was pushed out of Krison and Modon, both cities pooling their money and building a wall between the free lands and the Braydorian empire.

Disgraced, Braydon locked himself away in his home in Cypress proclaiming it to be the new capital and forcing all the lords and ladies to relocate from the historic northern capital of Bleeding Oak to the lake side city-state. He remained locked away from his people for years, taking a wife and having many sons in secret; after years in perceived disgrace he reappeared only to find that his empire still stood, and looked to him for leadership. He stepped out of the shadows and returned to the life he had desired as a small boy, one of power and influence over others. He set the kingdom on the track to last for centuries before his untimely death at the hands of a scorned maid and flight of stairs, leaving his eldest son to continue on with his work.


Braydon Empire

  • Bleeding Oak: the historic capital of the empire, made of stone and built into the mountain side it is well fortified and once was the center of everything. Since the transition of power and capital shift the quality of life and the look of the city has gone down with most of the rich moving away from the city.
  • Cypress: The new capital of the empire, it is locate on the banks of the lake. It is a mostly stone and wood city built out of imported materials. During the transition it became very rich very quickly and the quality of living rose greatly as did the price of goods forcing out most of the lower class that resided within the city.
  • Lyndora: The furthest south and last to fall city it trades extensively with the free-cities and is heavily influenced by the ideas. They refused to stop trade during the war and thus lost to the Cypress invaders, but when the king lost the free-lands they still refused to stop trade. It operates mostly as an independent state, much to anger of the capital.


  • Krison: a small city outside the wall keeping that Braydorians at bay, it is made of timbers and holds fast against most attacks thanks to the unique properties of the Lyndora trees used to build it.
  • Mordon: The largest of the free-cities it surrendered peacefully before revolting violently. It is made of stone and Lyndora wood, with fierce fighters within kept civil by the flow of gold, drink, and abundance of food.


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